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DRoPS is a reactive light installation.

Organic illuminated objects are deployed in the darker, rather unsafe corners of the city. Left alone, the objects calmly breathe light. As a person approaches a DRoP, the DRoP becomes nervous, speeding up to a state of hyperventilation. DRoPS plays with the subjective perception of safety in urban environments. The first set of three DRoPS is mounted inside a pedestrian autobahn underpass in Lucerne, Switzerland.
DRoPS is part of a series of artworks to sanitize certain areas of the city and is supported by cultural funds from the city of Lucerne.

The initial concept was conceived by Andreas Wiegand. I was responsible for the technical implementation which included the microcontroller programming and the design of electronic circuits for the installation. DRoPS uses an ultrasonic range finder to sense its environment, a custom algorithm transforms the sensor readings into a vibrant pattern of light.

Andreas Wiegand presents the DRoPS.

DRoPS at daytime. The concept foresees the absorption of the DRoPS by the urban paintscape over time.

Lucerne, Switzerland 2007
invitation to DRoPS launch (pdf, german)